Baked fresh weekly!

Our cakes are baked to order, below is our order sheet with all of our products. Orders need to be received by the end of the week to be ready by the following week!! Print and fill out this order sheet and fax it to us!

*Order by # of Cases*

Whole Cake (44 oz) - 4 ct. per case

Half Cake (22.4 oz) - 8 ct. per case

Slice,  Brownies, & Streusel (3oz) - 48 ct. per case

Slice, Brownies, Streusel (3oz) - 12 ct. display box

Bake - in Tray (18 oz) - (Brownies & Streusel ONLY) - 8x8 bake tray, 8 trays per case

Gourmet (5oz) - 32 ct. per case 

Loaf (28oz) - 12ct. per case

Half-Cuts (14 oz.) - 18ct. per case